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kumpulan soal bahasa inggris

1.   Notice

Notice adalah tulisan atau tanda untuk member informasai , instruksi atau peringatan kepada public



1.It means that only people who go ... can use the sidewalk.

    A.By car

    B.On bikes

    C.On foot

    D.On wheels


2.The notice means ....

    A.People are forbiden to smoke here.

    B.Smoking is prerequisite.

    C.Not all visitor here smoke.

    D.Cigarrete are not sold here.

2.    Greeting Card
Greeting card adalah sepucuk kertas yang digunakan untuk member ucapan slamat, mendoakan seseorang, dan lain lain .

Dear Anindya,

Wish you many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life.




1. What does Meita do for Anindya's birthday?
A. She wishes her many happy returns of the day.
B. She gives her prosperity.
 C. She shares her health.
 D. She returns her love.

2. What is the purpose of this text?
A. To give warm wishes on someone's birthday.
            B. To congratulate someone on her success.
C. To announce someone's birthday.
D. To entertain the readers.

3.       Short massage
Short massage adalah informasi pendek tertulis atau lisan yang dikirim atau ditingalkan seseorang saat tidak bertemu langsung dengan orang yang di maksud dalam pesan tersbut

Contoh : 


DEA, it’s 11.30 pm.now. have a nice sleep.

coz e’thing u’ve learn’ll b useless if u’r sleepy while doing d test.

C u on thurs.



1.The following are what the sender expects from Dea, except ....

  a.Going to bed now.

  b.Stop learning now.

  c.Meeting her on Thursday.

  d.Seeing her as soon as possible.

2.When was the short message sent?

  a.At mid night

  b.In the evening

  c.In the afternoon

  d.In the morning

4.      Invitations
Invitations adalah undangan yang di berikan oleh seseorang kepada orang lain untuk menghadiri sebuah acara penting , misalnya perayaan ulang tahun  

All Students of Grade 9
You are invited to:
Day/Date : Saturday, the fifteenth of July
two thousand and ten
Time : 10 a.m. – 01 p.m.
Venue : Art Room Pramesti Hotel
Jl. Sudirman  kav.  9 – 11 Bandung

1.  Where will the graduation party be held?
A. At Osis room.
B. On Sudirman street.
C. At Nusantara school.
D. At Art room Pramesti Hotel.
2.  How long is the graduation party carried out?
A. 2 hours.
B. 3 hours.
C. 9 hours.
D.11 hours
5.       Announcement
Announcement adalah pemberitauhan resmi tentang sesuatu supaya di ketahui orang banyak. Pengumuman bisa ditulis , kemudian di tempelkan di papan yang mudah di lihat orang ataupun di umumkan secara lisan .
Contoh :

English Conversation Club (SCC)
is opening registration for new members
join us and improve your English!
Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall
For registration, please contact
Wayan (VIIA)
Anissa (VIIB)

1. When do the members have meeting ?
    A. In the morning.
    B. On Thursday afternoon.
    C. On Thursday morning.
    D. In the afternoon at three o’clock.
2. Where do they have the meeting ?
    A. In the ECC’s meeting room.
    B. In the VIIA classroom.
    C. At the school hall.
    D. At the cafetaria.

6. lebels
Lebe adalah keterangan yang terdapat di bagian luar kemasan sebuah produk ,petunjuk penggunaan , komposisi produk, serta indikasi
 Contoh           :
Tikka Kebab
Ingredients      :
6.      Cubes of lamb
7.      Squares of green pepper
8.      Onions
9.      Salad
10.  Tikka’s seasoning mixture
Step                 :
5. cut onions into quarters.
6. put cubes of lambs, squares of green pepper and onion squares on bamboo skewers and  
    marinate them in tikka’s seasoning 
7. griil them
8. serve them with a salad( curry like seasoning from india)

1.      What does the writer write the text for?
a.       To infrom how to serve a salad
b.      To explain how to make a salad
c.       To tell how to make tikka kabab
d.      To discuss how to make cubes of lamb

2.      How many ingredients are needed to make tikka kabab ?
a.       Three
b.      Four
c.       Five
d.      Six

7. Advertisement
    Advertisement adalah pemberitahuan yang bertujuan mendorong , membujuk khalayak ramai untuk   
    membeli atau menggunakan barang atau jasa yangdi tawarkan. Iklan biasanya di pasang di media  
    masasa seperti media cetak atau elektronik atau di tempat umum , seperti baliho , billboard , dan
    pamphlet . 

contoh :


Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel - Bali
Prime Property - Prime Location - Prime Investment
 Only 5 minutes away from Sanur, directly at the beach
All apatments with view to the sea, full hotel amenities
 Large pools, spa, fitness, sauna & steam, Parking, Restaurant
 For complete infromation please visit our website
 invitation - stimulation - temptation
Where: Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta (Leatris Room)
 When: 15th and 16th of January 2010 (15.00 - 21.00 WIB)
 For reservation: PT. Umadamai Phone +62 361 759 958 or email:
 For every purchase prior to 31.01.2010 we will invite the buyer for the Ground

1. The text talks about
    A. Sunwel Beach Residences Ketewel
    B. Bali's apartment development
    C. A dream becomes reality
    D. Hotel Mulia Senayan E. Prime property

2. Which of the following is not found in the advertisement?
    A. Large pools.
    B. Restaurant.
    C. Website.
    D. Fitness.

8. Letter
    Letter adalah pesan tertulis dengan berbagai isi dan maksud yang di kirim kepada seseorang . surat   
   biasanya di masukan kedalam amplop dan di bubuhi dengan prangkao sebelum dikirim

contoh  :

Dear Lucy,
My parents and I are in Bali now. We are staying in Nusa Dua Beach hotel. our room is big and cozy. It is newing the beach.

This is my second visit to Bali and Bali still wonderful. There are many thing to see and to do here. The beaches and temples are awesaome. the ceremonies are also interesting.
So far, we  have shopped a lot. I bought some T.shirt and hundreds of wooden accesaries. My mam bought a beautiful ststue and my father bought a large paintin. The paintin is not only beautiful but also very expensive.
I will return to Malang next week hope to see you again soon.
1. Where is Astuti ?
    a. InNusa Dua Island.
    b. In Samarinda
    c. In Jakarta.
    d. In Bali.

2. What is the purpose of the text ?
    a. To tell Lucy about the hotel.
    b. To inform Lucy about Astuti’s plan.
    c. To share the joy of Astuti’s birthday.
    d. To tell Lucy about Astuti’s activity in Bali.

9. Descriptive text
    Descriptive text adalah teks yang bertujuan untuk mendiskripsikan suatu benda, tempat , atau orang   
contoh                                                                  :
My Timmy
I have some pets. However, my favourite pet is Timmy.

Timmy is a male tabby cat. He is very adorable with his soft stripes fur. He has innocent round eyes and feeble sweet voice. He always meows when I come home, he usually give me a kiss.

Timmy is a nice playmate. I’m so happy to spend my time with him. Most of the time, he’s a good cat. It’s almost impossible for me to be angry at him. In the morning, he always wakes up early. When he wakes up earlier, he waits quality by my bedside until I wake up.

1.   when does Timmy usually give a kiss to the writer? When the writer….

a.   fells hungry
b.   goes to sleep
c.   leaves home
d.   comes home
e.   wakes up

2.   Why is the writer almost impossible to be angry at his cat? Because ….

a.   It has innocent round eyes
b.   Most of the time, it is a good cat
c.   It gives the writer kiss
d.   It always wakes up early
e.   It is a male tabby cat

10  .   procedure text
           Procedur e text bertujuan menerapkan bagaimana membuat atau melakukansesuatau  
           berdasarkan serangkain langkah atau kegiatan
           contoh               :

Chicken Soup

3 pound, whole fried chicken
6 to 8 cups of water
1 diced garlic clove
1 cup of sliced onion
1 cup of sliced celery
½ cup of sliced carrots
2 cup of chopped leeks
3 tablespoons of fresh chopped parsley
Freshly ground black pepper
Pinch of salt

Rinse the chicken. Place the chicken in a bowl and add vegetables, and enough water to cover them. Put the bowl into an oven and boil over medium-high heat.
Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered for 90 minutes. Remove the chicken from the heat. Serve the steaming hot chicken, garnished with parsley, salt and ground black pepper.

1. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe about the chicken soup
b. To explain what the chicken soup is
c. To show how to make the chicken soup
d. To entertain the readers about the chicken soup

2. What do we do first after rinsing the chicken?
a. Put the bowl into an oven
b. Place the chicken in a bowl
c. Reduce heat to low and simmer
d. Add vegetable and enough water

11.   Report  text
Report text adalah teks yang mendiskripsikan sesuatu/benda-benda secara umum, misalnya berbagai benda/fenomena alam ,buatan, dan social yang ada atau terjadi di lingkungan kita

Contoh : 
Chinese culture played a truly significant role in the development of visual art in Indonesia; although, not as strong as the Hindu, Buddhist or Moslem influences. Many Chinese culture forms of artistic expressions were adapted and assimilated into indigenous forms. The Chinese influence was restricted to an adapted form.
The architectural elements in some temples, for example, reveal Chinese influence. It is identical to the original models found in mainland China. In Gianyar Bali, strong links between the Chinese and local people are evidenced by the Chinese-style roofing on the palace that was rebuilt at the end of the last century. In Cirebon, Chinese designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings. Chine influence also occurs in textile, furniture and household objects.

1.       What is the text about?
a. The adaptation of Chinese culture
b. The Chinese culture in architects
c. The development of visual art in Indonesia
d. The Chinese influence in Indonesian visual art
2.        Where can you find a palace with the Chinese-style roofing?
a. In Gianyar
b. In Denpasar
c. In Cirebon
d. In Central Java

12.   Naratuve text 
Narrative text adalah adalah teks yang menceritakan sesuatau yang imajinatif atau khalayak belaka . tujuannya untuk menghibur pembaca

Contoh    :
A wolf saw a goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff. The wolf smacked his lips at the though tof a
fine goat dinner.
“My dear friend,” said the wolf in his sweetest voice, “aren’t you afraid you will fall down from that
cliff? Come down here and graze on this fine grass beside me on safe, level ground.”
“No, thank you,” said the goat.
“Well then,” said the wolf, “aren’t you cold up there in the wind? You would be warmer grazing
down here beside me in this sheltered area.”
“No, thank you,” said the goat.
“But the grass tastes better down here!” said the exasperated wolf, “Why dine alone?”
“My dear wolf,” the goat finally said, “are you quite sure that it is my dinner you are worrying
about and not your own?”

1. What did the wolf ask when he saw the goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff?
A. To be his friend.
B. To graze on the level ground.
C. To climb up higher.
D. To be his dinner.

2. “Aren’t you cold up there in the wind?”
The word ‘there’ refers to …
A. a high cliff
B. sheltered area
C. grass
D. ground

13     .  Recount text
    Recount text adalah cerita tentang kejadian/pristiwa yang telah brlalu biasanya tentang   
    pengalaman pribadi penulis

Contoh             :

Last week, Mr. Damiri’s wife had an accident. Her youngest child, Yusuf, was at home when it happened. He was playing with his new toy car. Suddenly Yusuf heard his mother calling, “Help! Help! He ran to the kitchen. His mother had burnt herself with some hot cooking oil. She was crying with pain and the pan was on fire. Mr. Damiri had gone to his office. The other children had gone to school.

Yusuf was too small to help his mother, and she was too frightened to speak sensibly to him. But he ran to the neighbour’s house and asked his neighbor to come and help his mother. The neighbor soon put out the fire and took Yusuf’s mother to the clinic.

When Mr. Dardiri came home, his wife told him what had happened. He was very proud of his son, “When you are a man, you will be just like your father,” he said.

1.)Who took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic?
A. her son
B. her neighbour
C. her husband
D. her children

2.)The main idea of the second paragraph is …
A. Mrs. Damiri had an accident.
B. Mr. Damiri was proud of his son.
C. Yusuf asked his the neighbor for help.
D. Mr. Damiri and his other children had gone.

14     . Rearrange word
Rearrange word adalah mengatur kata-kata atau menysun kata-kata yang masih acak menjadi kalimat yang baik dan benar
Contoh :
1. Choose the best answers from the questions bellow!
1          2           3          4           5             6          7
a. 2-4-1-5-3-7-6                                                 c. 1-3-5-2-4-7-6
b. 2-4-3-5-1-7-6                                                 d.1-5-3-2-4-7-6
2. Arrange these jumbled words into a good sentence!
In Balihow longtheybeenhave
1                 2               3          4          5
a. 2-3-5-4-1                                                         c. 2-5-3-4-1
b.2-3-4-5-1                                                          d.2-5-3-1-4

15. Memo
Memo merupakan pesan ringkas, yakni pesan yang ditulis seseorang dengan singkat, jelas, dan mudah untuk dipahami. Menurut pemakaiannya, memo ada yang bersifat resmi dan bersifat pribadi (tidak resmi). Memo bersifat resmi dipakai sebagai surat pernyataan dalam hubungan resmi dari seorang pimpinan kepada bawahannya. Memo bersifat pribadi dipakai sebagai nota atau surat pernyataan tidak resmi antar teman, saudara, atau orang lain yang memiliki hubungan akrab.

23.   What should Mr. Zainal Abidin do?
         a. Represent the director at a meeting
         b. Arrange a meeting
         c. Meet the director
         d. Bring the report to the meeting

24.   When did the director write the memo?

          a. 5th February 2002
          b. 9.00 a.m.
          c. 7th February 2002
          d. 5th February 2003            



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